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Spin & Score Megawatts

Pragmatic Play's Spin & Score Megaways slots review

Spin & Score Megaways Review Play now!

Money train 3

Money Train 3 goes the extra mile to bring magical characters, experimental features and an overwhelming theme to encourage gameplay.

Money Train Review 3 Play now!


ELK Studio's Dropz slot is a new slot released on October 4, 2022. Find more information in our slot review

Dropz review Play now!

Mongolian Treasures II

Play the new Mongol Treasures II slot from Endorphina or read the review first

Mongol Treasures II Review Play now!

Hot SlotTM: Magic Bombs

Play Wazdan's Hot SlotTM: Magic Bombs slot and win up to 6,000 X Bet!

Hot SlotTM Review: Magic Bombs Play now!

Megaways of the floating dragon

Floating Dragon Megaways Hold & Spin slot review by Pragmatic. Read more or play at the best online casino

Floating Dragon Megaways Review Play now!

9 burning STARSTM

Play this great online slot game from Wazdan now or read our review first

9 Review of Burning StarsTM Play now!

The Gold of Samarkand

Samarkand's Gold by Endorphina is a 5-reel, 4-row game with 1024 fixed payouts. Win up to 7,680 times your bet!

Samarkand Gold Review Play now!

13 February 2022 Last updated at 03:58

Online video slots

Slots are gaining quite a lot of popularity among online casino players. But what makes it so popular? Slot machines are the all-time favorites. And that too, for many reasons. However, it is still difficult for some to explain the sudden influx of players. After a lot of research and experience, we may have found an explanation for the sudden popularity they have. We came up with a few reasons why people prefer to play online slots. One thing that is difficult to overlook is convenience. That's the reason why people opt for online casinos in the first place.

We all know that slots are a favorite among players. And it is common to find all slot machines busy. It's even worse when none of the occupying players seem to want to leave the slot machines. Not even for the bathroom. But if you want something where no stranger is behind you, it's an online slot. Also, you don't have to go through the hassle of finding a parking space before you start playing. The best online slot machines also feature a variety of games that you can play. Incredibly, there are several online slot games that are only available online. Slot games can be fun, but online they are even more so. No physical slot machine can beat it with the fantastic graphics, themes and special features available.

Top 5 slots and other casino games

Find the most popular casino games in Canada here.

Having fun playing slots

Online betting on slots

It has never been easier to incorporate innovative game features. Online slot games can have any theme, from novels to movies. With each new game, you get more attractive features. How can anyone get bored with that? But there is still more. While playing some of the best online slots, you get fantastic bonuses that land-based slots don't offer. It is a feature that cannot be missed in any online slots review. Rewards and free spins can give you a good chance to win more every time you make a spin. You can also buy a bonus instantly. Here you can find the best bonus buy slots

More remarkable is the ease with which you can play them online. Even with little or no skills and experience, he will do quite well. That's why players refer to it as a game of luck and, as a result, each player has an equal chance of winning. And the payment is also impressive. You can win big with low stakes. If you like to check the RTPS of games before playing, you will find that most slots have an RTP of at least 96 percent.

Online slots and reviews about the latest video slots

Newest and most recent slots

Game providers create new, exciting and higher-paying online slots from time to time. You get not only new interesting features, but also better graphics and innovative themes. There are a huge variety of slots to choose from every time you log in.

Players are sometimes reluctant to try the newest online slot games because they lack a clue about it. However, there are numerous ways to find out more about a slot. Learn the best slot strategies it helps you earn more money in the end. You can also find out more about the latest online slot by reading our online slots review that we have available.

Selection of online slots at SlotV casino

Finding the best slots

Most people wonder if it is possible to find the best online slots. It is possible but it is not the easiest thing. There is simply a lot to look for in online slot machines.

But the most important is RTP. While lots usually have high RTP, some have a higher percentage than others. It also implies that big prizes are waiting for you. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a game that has a winning dry spell. The highest paying slot machines are usually the best online slots that can be found at the best Canadian online casino.

You can also check out the features that the highest-paying ones have. Special features can improve your gaming experience by a significant margin. Take a look at the topic as well. You might be surprised at the one thing you get.

It's also good to look for special bonuses and free spins. Bonuses can increase your funds by a significant margin and allow you to win big. Take advantage of as many of these as you can.

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of slots you can play. The more games available, the better. You will be able to play for a long time without even getting bored. That way you can have fun and still earn something.

But perhaps the most important thing to consider is how you feel about the slot. Passion can do a lot to improve your experience. However, you shouldn't play just because the game is available. It would help if you played because you like to play it.

Online slots test

How we tested online slots

We provide honest information in any online slots reviews we do. And we mainly base it on our extensive experience and testing. We tested the newest released online slot games before making a review about it.

That way, we can help you determine the best online slot machines that suit your needs. We play slot machines a lot and there is no denying that we enjoy it. But there are still several other ways that we test them online.

We tested the games considering the fairness of the game. It's no secret that there have been cases of rigged games. That's why we need to test the operation of the slots RNG. It gives every player an equal chance to win.

We also tested slots to find out if it is one of the highest paying slots. Paid slot machines usually have the highest ratings and it is not difficult to distinguish them. There are also certain software providers known for providing paid casino games, and we may ask players to comment on the new games they create.

Another thing we consider when doing an online slots review is the volatility of slots. While giving an online slots review, we let our readers know the level of volatility of the slot. The volatility of different slots implies different win frequencies and risk levels.

Software providers

If you think that the genius behind your favorite online slot is the casino of which you are a frequent customer, you are in for a big surprise. Most online casinos do not create their games. Instead, they partner with casino software providers.

It's pretty standard for a casino to have as many software providers as they like. That way, you get a wide range of games. You can have up to 1000 games at your disposal that are not completely limited to slots. And that means an ultimate gaming experience.

A strong partnership between online casinos and major software providers is critical. It is the tip to become a first-class gambling site. A casino may have all the right features, from welcome bonuses to great customer service, but it sucks at gaming.

Popular software providers offer not only amazing games, but also easy to win significant amounts or large jackpots. They are the highest paying slots. Others get a good reputation for the unique graphics they provide and the best online slots. Some of the most popular providers include:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play and go
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • QuickSpin

Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are quite standard. All lovers of online slots are familiar with megawatts, regardless of whether they have tried them before. However, many gamers are quite obsessed with it. And it's easy to see why.

On the one hand, megaways slot machines offer you thousands of ways in which you can win in a game. And to top it off, the victories are not small. He can win big, all thanks to his changeable mechanism that allows such successes.

Incredibly, megaways games have a maximum of 117649 settings of winning ways. Although it may be a little complex at first, you are ready to get started once you master it. The complication arises because, although mega way slots exclude paylines, it still works as a multi-line slot.

But how does a megaways slot work? You get thousands of ways to win due to the mechanism that creates different symbols with each spin you make. You also get at least 2 to 7 characters on each reel.

Meanwhile, the ranks are also changing. That changes the ways you can win. You are probably wondering where the value 117649 appears in all this. Well, that's the number of times your winning ways can decrease or increase on each spin. But that doesn't stop megaways from being one of the best online slots or even the highest paying slots.

Here are examples of slot games from megaways;

  • Bonanza
  • 5 Megaways of Lions
  • Starz Megawatts
  • Rainbow Riches Megaways
  • Raging Rhino
Mystery Joker - Classic Joker

Classic slots

If you are looking for something simple but that offers so much fun, classic slots are what you need. It's simple because it lacks all the complicated features that are usually the norm in video slots, but the most significant difference between the two is the paylines. You can find hundreds of paylines in video slots. Classic casino games only have a couple of paylines. For the most part, there are less than ten paylines. While you should understand the complicated mini-games that come with the new video slots, the classic slots are simple. There are no complex betting modes and themes. That makes it even more fun to play on mobile devices. That's why players consider it the best online slot to play on the go.

You can play a classic slot in your mobile browser with ease. And it's even easier if it's HTML5 enabled. But even a native application can allow you to play on the go. While most prefer to play for fun, you can still play for real money. Although it's easy to think that playing classic slot machines is less fun, it's quite the opposite. When you play a classic slot, you don't get small distractions. Instead, you get the direct essence of the game. It is quite simple to play. And classic slots are fun, simple and reduced to the roots of slot games. It is common to have only one payline game with reels of bars, cherries seven and anything else outdated.

VIP / high stakes slots

VIP slots are high limit online slot machines. That means you play for higher stakes than normal. And they also produce huge jackpots. VIP slots are also the highest paying ones, but the truth is that a VIP slot is not that different from normal limited bets. This is because you can still play the same type of online slots that you like. And there are more varieties of slot machines that you will find there, but why would anyone want to make such big bets? Is it worth paying hundreds per spin? First of all, high limit online slots tend to have juicier jackpots.

You can win big. The amount to win in a VIP slot will only stop growing when someone surpasses it. When looking for high stakes slots to play, you need to keep an eye out for a couple of things. One of the best tips for playing is to choose only the games designed to meet your needs. It is always vital to pay attention to the small details in high-risk slots. You should check out the special features, paylines, denominations, themes and even styles of online high limit slots. It would be best if he didn't leave anything to chance. After all, he is spending a lot on them. And it would be better if you got the value of your cash.


What is the RNG?

You've probably heard of RNGs (random number generators). Well, slot machines use RNG to ensure that every spin is fair and random. The idea is to give each player an equal chance to win. RNGs work by calculating a new, random number based on an initial number. The unique number becomes the initial or initial number. And the process goes on and on like this. However, it is absolutely impossible to predict what the new number will be. If you understand how RNGs work, you will have no problem coming up with a strategy to beat the system. Still, it is essential that you remember that you cannot base your winning design on the last time you played. Each twist is unique and completely different.

What is volatility?

Volatility in slots can mean several things. One meaning is the difference between the maximum and minimum amounts that you can earn. If you have heard someone say that they are playing on a high volatility slot, there is a chance to win a huge jackpot. The more important the earnings, the higher the volatility.

But people also use volatility to describe how often you can win while gambling. It is not uncommon to spend a long time without winning anything in a slot game. But it is also quite common to get small profits so often that they amount to something big.

Volatility in slots also refers to the risk of playing a game. Although the best-paying online slot machines are the ones with the highest volatility, they are also the riskiest.

Tips for playing online slots

Anyone looking to win at online slots has probably read a lot of tips. While most of the tips for playing slot machines are not that good, some still deserve a second look. Here is a compilation of some of the best tips for playing slots. Make the most of no deposit bonuses; there is no better way to enjoy an online slot than this one. You will get a lot of no deposit bonuses after signing up. They not only increase your chances of winning, but also give you the opportunity to try as many free online slot games as possible. Check out the inventor of the game: if you think that little detail doesn't matter, you're in for a big surprise. It is undoubtedly one of the best tips for playing slots.

On the one hand, different developers create different levels of game quality. And as such, you can make higher profits with one developer than with others. A good example is the game developer Pragmatic Play. Their slots are quite popular because it's easier to win big with them. Take a look at other online casinos, as faithful well-being to a casino is not bad. But it's even better if you can check out the offers and bonuses of online slots at other casinos. First of all, you may find that the casino's wagering requirements are better than the ones you play on a daily basis. And more importantly, they can offer better collections. It will also be useful to read online slot reviews to determine the online casinos that offer the best of them. Review the online casinos that pay faster.

Online slots reviews can help you narrow down the slots and casinos to choose from. You can find out the best paying online slot machines, the most played and other essential factors from them. Most of these online slot reviews will prove to be useful.

The 5 best slot games

Spin & Score Megawatts

Pragmatic Play's Spin & Score Megaways slots review
Spin & Score Megaways Review Play now!

Money train 3

Money Train 3 goes the extra mile to bring magical characters, experimental features and an...
Money Train Review 3 Play now!


ELK Studio's Dropz slot is a new slot released on October 4, 2022. Find...
Dropz review Play now!

Mongolian Treasures II

Play the new Mongol Treasures II slot from Endorphina or read the review first
Mongol Treasures II Review Play now!

Hot SlotTM: Magic Bombs

Play Wazdan's Hot SlotTM: Magic Bombs slot and win up to 6,000 X Bet!
Hot SlotTM Review: Magic Bombs Play now!

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